EasySport – exercise for children aged 7–12


EasySport – sporty hobbies open to all elementary school-aged children. The classes consist of exercise on the children’s terms in a fun atmosphere. EasySport offers a versatile and comprehensive selection of sports throughout Helsinki. The free-of-charge classes are open to all at any time, no advance sign-up needed. Participants need to sign up in advance for classes subject to a charge. Please visit easysport.fi for more detailed information on the service.


EasySport Active

EasySport Active classes are varied exercise classes that help develop basic motor skills. Children can express their wishes for the classes’ content.


EasySport Ball Games

EasySport Ball Games are classes that strengthen equipment handling skills. During the classes, we will move in a variety of ways by using different types of balls and playing games.


EasySport Tricks

In the EasySport Tricks classes, you can practice various tricks using your body and trick tracks; we will also play games together.


EasySport Specialised Classes

EasySport Specialised Classes offer active experiences of climbing, dance and skateboarding, among others, free of charge.


EasySport classes subject to a fee

EasySport classes subject to a fee include ice sports and racquet/goal sports in the Helsinki area. The course fee is €30 per season. You will need to sign up for the course separately.